Current Courses

Introduction to International Relations (undergraduate)
This course builds a theoretical and empirical foundation for understanding the actors, processes, and structures that shape and constrain global politics. It introduces major concepts in the study of international relations and provides an overview of the major theoretical approaches to understanding world affairs.

Insurgents, Criminals, and Warlords: Understanding Violent Non-State Actors in International Politics (undergraduate)
This course provides a theoretical and empirical overview of the role played by violent non-state actors in international politics. Examining insurgents, criminals, and warlords, the course explores why these actors resort to violence, the strategies and tactics they employ, and the connections that link them together.

Civil War and Counterinsurgency (graduate)
This course provides an overview of the origins, dynamics, and outcomes of civil war and counterinsurgency. It provides a theoretical, empirical, and methodological foundation for understanding these forms of conflict, the logic of their violence, and the determinants of their dynamics and outcomes.

International Relations Field Seminar (graduate)
This course provides an intensive and critical examination of theory and theorizing in international relations by examining a selection of questions, puzzles, and perspectives in the field. It focuses attention on the interaction between theory and the ‘real world’ by tracing several analytical devices that cut across the field and applying them to pressing empirical puzzles.